Typically, when you think about honor students, you don't associate them with being suspended for insubordination. They're the ones setting the good example for the rest of the students by behaving and doing what they're told. But for Summer, a senior and honor student with a 4.4 GPS at Hickory Ridge High School in Harrisburg, North Carolina, she's now on the receiving end of a 10-day suspension for what seems like a pretty ridiculous reason.

Last week, Summer wore a green shirt to school that the principal deemed inappropriate and in violation of the school dress code. The principal told Summer that she had to cover herself up with a jacket, which she did. She was then told that she had to go wit the principal to the office, which Summer refused to do unless her mother was called first. After a bunch of attempts, Summer's mom was finally reached, but not before the principal doled out a 10-day suspension to Summer!

Now, the honor student with the 4.4 GPA will miss two weeks of school and is not allowed to participate in any graduation activities. Ridiculous.

Summer's mother says that she will be appealing the decision with the school board. And Summer is now worried that this will cause her college scholarship to be revoked. All because of a shirt.

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