Gyms have pretty stayed the same for years but in the last twenty years, though they have become innovative with new workouts and machines and now there's a new kind of gym coming to Detroit.

We've seen rock climbing walls popping up more and more across the state. You usually see them in places that have trampolines for kids or some gyms and even schools have dedicated a few walls to climbing, but now there are some new gyms that are completely dedicated to it.

According to FOX 17, indoor rock climbing has been rising all across the country and now one is coming to the City of Detroit later this year.

31-year-old Dino Ruggeri said, "I wanted to share climbing with people who might not have had an opportunity to try it otherwise. To provide a gateway to this outdoor lifestyle, to this identity of a climber, I thought it would be a really cool addition to the city that's not a a restaurant, not a bar, or shopping. It's something that's really accessible."

The gym is called DYNO Climbing and Fitness and will be located in Detroit at the north end of Eastern Market.

Here in West Michigan, we have had a few rock climbing gyms for quite a few years now. Higher Ground, located on North Monroe Ave., has been open since 1995.

There are a couple different types of climbing if you are are unfamiliar with the sport:

The most common is Top Rope Climbing. This is where the beginner starts when you put on a harness and you climb up a rope. The rope is secured at the top of the wall and your partner will hold the bottom and sort of spot your climb.

The next type of climbing that you may have seen climbers do on TV when climbing outdoors is Lead Climbing. The type of climbing has you hooking your rope as you climb to anchor support bolts that are attached to your climbing wall. So as you move up you anchor your rope and if you slip, you only fall to the last place you have anchored and then can resume your climb.

The final type of climbing is called Bouldering. This is for the much more experienced climber because there are no ropes and no harness, just you and your own physical and mental strength. If you fall on this baby, there will be a crash bed underneath to catch you.

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