A mother and her two-year-old son were walking around the Aurora Village Transit Center in Washington when they were approached by a man who offered $1,500 in order to buy the toddler. The mom said no, but did gather his contact info in order to give it to the police.

King 5 reports that police were able to locate the man using the email address and phone number that he provided to the woman.

Police contacted the man posing as the mother and asked if he was still interested in purchasing the toddler. The man said no, but King 5 reports that he wanted the mother, who he thought was 17, to become a prostitute and work for him.

Police met up with him at a bus stop under the guise of him meeting up with the toddler's mother. He was arrested and booked for Investigation of Commercial Sexual Abuse of a Minor and Promoting Commercial Sexual Abuse of a Minor.

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