Finally, what we have all been waiting for, a little taste of spring weather!

According to WZZM, this Thursday will be a sample of what is to come weather-wise with a nice little warm up for West Michigan.

There will be areas along Lake Michigan that will see temperatures in the 50s but if you live more inland, temperatures may get into the low 60s this Thursday.

The official first day of spring is not until March 20th but this coming Thursday the 14th we will get an early feel of warmth...well at least warmer than what we have been experiencing these last couple of frigid months.

Monday temperatures are hitting in the mid 30s, then Tuesday around 40 and Wednesday temps will be knocking on 50s door then boom...Thursday we could be in the low 60s.

Rain will hit the region on Wednesday and we may even get possible thunderstorms to start the day on Thursday morning.

Enjoy the warm up while you can because it will be a short visit from mother nature because Friday we head back to realty much colder temperatures in the mid 30s.

And of course with it warms up and it rains when there is still snow and ice in areas, the National Weather Service is warning  that a sudden thaw like this with rain will bring lots of standing water.


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