Double amputee Chris Marckres went skydiving and said that after leaping from the plane, he lost one of his prosthetic legs. Joe Marszalkowski, a Vermont farmer, found the leg in his soybean field the next day.

Marckres hadn't even realized that he lost his leg at first. It wasn't until he and the instructor that he was harnessed to landed safely on the ground that he discovered that one of his prosthesis was missing.

Obviously, it was important for him to find the leg. Not only did he need it to, you know, get around, but prosthetic legs are NOT cheap. So, he did what we all do when we lose something important to us these days and he posted about it on Facebook, reports.

Thankfully, Marszalkowski saw the post on Facebook, and happened upon Marckres legs in one of his soybean fields. It came out of the fall relatively unscathed, really only showing a couple of scratches. Marckres took to Facebook again to thank everyone for their help and post an update.

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