My son and I took his new puppy Jake to grandma's house for the very first time for the Thanksgiving break.

Back in October I picked up a black lab puppy for my son. Ever since my son and I have been working with the dog to get him trained to use the bathroom outside and not chew up the house.

So far, so good. Jake has done a pretty good job on both using the bathroom outside and not chewing on the house and its contents.

Taking Jake to grandma's was a big deal because he had to pass the test of mom and the family before being able to join us for Christmas. It looks like Jake passed with an A- but that is still pretty good for a puppy.

My nephew Jace hadn't really had much experience being around a dog but he slowly warmed up to the idea and even he had a pretty good time with Jake.

It's funny, the one person who is not really a dog person is my mom and of course she is who Jake loved the most on the trip. Every time he had a chance he would lick my mom's toes to show her how much he loved grandma. She hated that but she to eventually warmed up to him and even took him for a walk and kept his water freshened up. She even got him to sit and took a picture to send to her friend.

The real test will be when Jake returns - will grandma have a present for him under the Christmas tree?

All in all it was a great trip, and thanks to the information we received from the place where we got him to train Jake, training him has been much easier than it would have been without guidance. There is no way we would have such a successful trip had it not been for all of the help and advice they provided us.

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