This will be a different kind of opening day for the Detroit Tigers.

I have been to several opening days of Detroit Tiger baseball but this one will be much different than any in the past and along with everyone else, I won't be attending this one.

Major League Baseball and other major sports have gotten the green light to start their season's but it is without fans in the stadiums and that is exactly how it will be for the Tigers at Comerica Park.

The Tigers will take on the Kansas City Royals for a 7:10 p.m. start.

This game coming off a win on the road against the Cincinnati Reds should be an exciting game for those watching on television.

With no fans in the stands, will their be crowd noise? Yes there will and there is something the fans can do to increase the noise on the field.

According to FOX 17, there is an app that the MLB created called "Cheer at the Ballpark." Tiger fans will be able to influence the pre-recorded crowd noises played over the loudspeakers at the ball park and players will also be able to see fan reactions on the big screen that will come from fan videos and tweets.

To participate in tonight and all home games just use the hashtag #DetroitRoots and you message could show up on the screen during the game.

For those watching at home, the experience may get a little better because without fans in the ballpark, this allows cameras to be placed in unique places to give fans some new perspectives on the games.

Now if you are thinking of making the trip to the stadium to do a little tailgating, you should save your gas now because the stadium parking lot will be closed as well as a few streets known for tailgating will also be closed. Police are also stepping up patrols to keep groups of people from forming near the stadium to cut down on the spread of COVID-19.

I'm glad fans of baseball will get some games from this 60 game season. I just hope the players, coaches and stadium staff can make it through coronavirus free.

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