A bizarre story has unfolded in Paw Paw Township, Michigan, a man has been shot and wounded by a deputy.

Police hands down have one of the toughest jobs in Michigan and well as around the country these days. When they roll up to house or business or even a routine traffic stop, anything can happen and they have to be ready to make a life or death decision in a split second. Not an easy task by no means.

According to WOOD, law enforcement officers were summoned to a home around 9:30 Thursday evening in Paw Paw Township in Van Buren County, where officers wound up having to use their service revolvers on a Wisconsin man.

When to a deputy from the Van Buren County Sheriff's Office and a Paw Paw police officer arrived on the scene. The learned about a man who for some strange reason had been cutting himself in a driveway. The home the officers were called to is located on Orchard Lane in Paw Paw Township.

After some investigation it was determined that the man who had been cutting himself had actually broken into the house. The owners of the home did not know the man and so far there is no word on why the Wisconsin man was in the area to begin with.

At first the officers didn't know where the man was when they arrived on the scene because the suspect had ran off. A Van Buren County deputy and a Paw Paw police officer later found the man but he was armed with a knife and came at the officers and they were left with no choice but to fire on the man.

The suspect that was shot was taken to the hospital and is receiving treatment but is in critical condition. The only information about the suspect that has been released is that he is 49-years-old and from Wisconsin.

I have a feeling there is going to be a lot more to come from this story as the investigation continues.

As standard procedure by the Michigan State Police, when an officer fires their weapon at a suspect they are put on administrative leave until the an investigation can be completed by the MSP. So both officers will be on administrative paid leave until further notice.

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