My son and I spent a lot of time with his new black lab puppy over the Thanksgiving break and was able to teach the new puppy something new or is the pup a natural?

Ever since getting our new puppy, my son and I have been watching videos Barking Boutique offer to help train the dog.

So far so good on getting our puppy Jake to use the bathroom outside in a specific place. Lord knows I do not want dog logs in my lawn to step on or drive over next spring with my tractor.

One of the videos showed us how to clip the dog's nails and it works perfect. Get the dog in a submissive position (lay him in your lap on his back) and gently rub the clippers across his paws until he gets used to them then he has no problem with me clipping the nails.

My son was wanting to teach the dog how to play fetch. Mind you, this is a Labrador retriever, so my guess with his champion bloodline and nature of this type of dog, playing fetch will be fairly easy.

I had found an old ball on the property that was neon green so it was easy for us to see, including the dog.

My son gives it a throw and instantly Jake takes off after the ball, but what blew our mind was, on the first toss, the dog grabbed the ball and brought it right back to my son like he has been doing it for years.

It was great watching my son play fetch with Jake. The interaction between the boy and his dog was priceless when watching from afar, but equally priceless watching the two bond in way that will last for many years to come.

My son lives with his mom so I tend to Jake in his absence. My son left the ball close to the door we take him out and already the dog goes for the ball every time I take him outside. I took the dog out last night for a late night bathroom run and wound up playing fetch with him at 2:30 a.m. Needless to say, after the round of fetch it wasn't too hard for either of us to get back to sleep.

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