97% of Michigan public school districts will be offering in person learning by Monday, March 1.

Being a parent has had me wondering for quite sometime when my son would begin to physically be back in school. In talking with my son, he says he would rather go to school than do it at home in front of a computer. We all know that because of COVID-19 that kids schooling at home was for safety and health reasons and not to slow or hinder children's progress.

According to MLive, Governor Gretchen Whitmer is not making it mandatory for schools to reopen for in person learning since leave that up to each districts school boards but is please that most schools will fire back up March 1.

The trend of districts all across the state has been on an uptick getting kids back in front of their teachers and in the same room as their classmates.

Health professionals know more about controlling the spread of the coronavirus as well as society as a whole has learned to better deal with its presence. It shows in the declining number of COVID-19 cases and deaths.

My son doesn't feel challenged with at home learning like he did when he was in class. Part of this is because schools until COVID-19, didn't really have lesson plans designed for at home learning which has made a lot of the learning more of a review to help them maintain what they have learned rather than moving a long with new learning.

So far only five districts have not announced their in person return and those are: Flint Community Schools, Harper Woods Schools, Kalamazoo Public Schools, Southfield Public Shools and Van Dyke Public Schools.

There are 13 districts that are not going to in person learning by March 1 but 8 of those will move in that direction by the end of March and early April.

My son is excited about returning to school and being around and socializing with his friends. Out of safety concerns, I sure it will be a bit different than before, but I am glad he will be able to interact with more people his own age.

Hopefully with schools moving back to in person learning that parents who had to quit their jobs in order to help their kids with school will be able to return safely to the work force and help strengthen our local economy here in West Michigan and most importantly, put people back to work who need it most.

There will be programs put in place to get teachers tested weekly and hopefully teachers will get a bump up in the vaccination line as well.

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