When I was a kid, drinking Surge, playing Super Nintendo, eating French Toast Crunch, and dunking Dunkaroos, I started to drink sports drinks.

Even though it's not any kind of alternative to drinking healthy, it still tasted damn good. There was one flavor I loved, but it randomly disappeared, and that was Lemon Ice.

There is nothing super special about this flavor, it's just lemon, but it's clear. I used to buy it in a glass bottle, that's how cool I was.

Recently I walked into the 7 Eleven in Zeeland, and there is was. Cases upon cases of Lemon Ice Gatorade.

For a limited time, Gatorade is exclusively selling Lemon Ice Gatorade at 7 Eleven stores.

As a West Michigander, this kinda sucks cause there is only one 7 Eleven left, and that's in Zeeland!

If you are a 90's kid and want some more nostalgia that's not Surge, here is another drink to remember your childhood from!

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