The NFL team that has been known as the Washington Football Team for the past couple of years has announced a new team name.

The NFL team was originally founded in 1932 and went by the name the Boston Braves. They became the Boston Redskins a year later and then moved to Washington in 1937 when they became the Washington Redskins.

The team went with racially insensitive Redskins name from 1937 until 2020 when the owner Daniel Snyder finally succumbed to pressure from Native Americans, sponsors, and politicians to make a change. At the time the team kept it simple and went with the Washington Football Team until they could figure out a new brand.

I am sure all these decisions have cost them millions in merchandising not to mention no real identity as a team. Many fans, like the owner Snyder, did not want a name change from Redskins.

Over the past few years, the franchise put the name choice in the hands of the fans who came up with names like the Admirals, Armada, Brigade, Monuments, Presidents, Redwolves, and Redhogs.

The team name really came close to becoming the Redwolves if the name wasn't already trademarked. That was a problem the whole time the team was trying to pick names. Fans and others seeking a big payday were trademarking every name they could in hopes of selling the name back to the Washington owners.

The team located in Washington D.C. officially has a new name and they are now called the Washington Commanders. They are still going to stick to the burgundy and gold colors that they have worn for many years keeping some of the team's legacy intact.

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