Here are eight things that say it's summer in the great state of Michigan.

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8 Things That Say It's Summer In Michigan:

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1. Heat and Humidity

Michigan does not get as hot as Arizona and many other states but when it does get hot, we have humidity. When it's 96 degrees in the Mitten sometimes it can feel as hot as 104 degrees. The Great Lakes give Michigan a lot but it also brings the humidity.

Summer beach bonfire with sparks flying around and flames blazing

2. Bonfires

You know it's getting hot out when you are driving on a back road with your windows down and you can smell the bonfires along the way. We Michiganders love our bonfires. They are a great way to enjoy the outdoors, share stories, enjoy some adult beverages and of course, make some smores.

Kids enjoying summer vacation at the lake

3. Water Activities

We are so blessed in the state of Michigan to have so many lakes, rivers, and streams, not to mention the Great Lakes. There is no shortage of places to swim, boat, kayak, tube, water ski, ride a jet ski, or catch some fish. You better believe when it warms up in the Great Lakes State, people are somewhere close to some water.

Tom Merton/ThinkStock/GettyStock
Tom Merton/ThinkStock/GettyStock

4. Camping

I have traveled all over the country and I have never seen a state with as many campgrounds and places to camp as Michigan. Whether you are in a tent, camper, motorhome, or rent a cabin, camping is a great way for families to create memories that will last a lifetime and has been a long tradition for Michiganders since the before the state was part of the union.

Father with two kids travel by car on sea vacation

5. Family Vacations

We are so lucky in Michigan to have so many places to take our families. From the Silver Lake Sand Dunes all the way to the Upper Peninsula's Pictured Rocks and everything in between there are endless adventures to be had in Michigan.

Mosquito on human hand

6. Mosquitos

Some years are better than others but there are always plenty of mosquitos once it begins to warm up in Michigan. If it's summer where there is a lot of rain, there will be a lot of skeeters. If it gets hot and there is little to no rain, the mosquitos are not near as bad but they will still be around so make sure you have some mosquito repellant.

Fireflies flying over a grass field at night

7. Fireflies

If you are in the right location around the edge of night and when it gets dark in Michigan when its summer there are fireflies. Fireflies are one of nature's true gifts and beauties we get to enjoy in the MItten state. They can make a boring old field look amazing at night.


8. Orange Barrels and Road Construction

One thing there is no shortage of during a Michigan summer is orange barrels and road construction. Because Michigan's ground freezes, it does a lot of damage to our roads which means more road construction. One thing is for sure, there is no shortage of orange barrels during a Michigan summer.

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