If we get all the snow that is predicted this weekend, you might need a few ideas of things to do in West Michigan.

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5 Things To Do In The Snow In West Michigan

happy child girl plaing with a snowman on a snowy winter walk

1. Make a Snowman

It doesn't get much easier than getting the family together and rolling some snow around the yard and building a snowman. There are lots of traditional snowmen that get built like in the picture above but some households get more creative than others.

dpa/picture alliance via Getty Images
dpa/picture alliance via Getty Images

Some even bring in heavy equipment and go large but if you keep it simple you can have just as much fun.

Sledding Girl - Expressing Joy

2. Sledding

Sledding is an easy go-to for families getting out on some early powder. You might have a little hill in your yard that is good for the little ones or you might want to venture out to something a little bigger like Richmond Park, Manhattan Park, or Mulick Park all offer great sledding.

Mature woman snowshoeing
Thomas Northcut/ThinkStock/GettyStock

3. Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing has been around for thousands of years and is another fun way to enjoy the white stuff. There are lots of places to rent snowshoes if you don't own them and more than enough trails at parks in the region to keep you busy for months. Here is a great link for rentals and parks in West Michigan that offer up great snowshoeing opportunities.


 4. Cross Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the fresh snow and since the big ski hills will not be open quite yet, this may be a great alternative for the family to head through some of the great trails in West Michigan.

Cross Country Ski

Lakes are great places to cross-country ski but they are not frozen yet so you can try Luton Park in Rockford, Palmer Park in Wyoming, Seidman Park in Ada, or Wahlfield Park in Alpine Township. Here is a link that will get you deeper details on locations and rentals in West Michigan.

Universal Images Group via Getty Images
Universal Images Group via Getty Images

5. Fat Tire Biking

Fat tire biking in the snow has really come on strong over the past few years. I see these guys out at Cannonsburg Ski Area and I have to admit, they are a pretty dedicated group to get out and ride bikes in the snow. Indian Trails is another option and right down the road from me in Newaygo County you can get these bikes out on the Dragon Trail. Here is a link to more options for places to fat tire bike.

It will be a little longer before ice skating at Rosa Parks Circle begins but from the looks of this current weather forecast, a lot of other winter activities not mentioned in this article will probably begin sooner than later.

I hope your winter activity is not having to shovel snow this weekend.

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