Bad news on top of bad news for Michigan State Football fans this season.  After a poor showing in 2016, the 2017 predictions are no better.  Almost every prediction about the 2017 MSU football season shows them having a losing record.  And now on top of that, MSU football fans were ranked the least happy in the Big Ten and 115th out of the 128 schools surveyed!

What the heck!?  As a MSU alumni and longtime fan, I've endured many lackluster seasons, but I'm not buying into whole unhappiest fan deal...

Here's why:

  1. Mark Dantonio is the man and he's not going anywhere!  Even though the Spartans' 2016 season was the worst season in over 30 years, Dantonio has single handedly turned a mediocre program into one of the nation's best.  He has given MSU 3 Big Ten Titles and has taken the team to 9 bowl games.
  2. No matter how bad the team is, they almost always give their rivals a run for their money.  MSU has only lost 3 games against U of M in the last 10 years and those losses were some close games.  If MSU can pull out a victory this year, it would be quite the upset!
  3. We can't do worse than last year!  Well, we probably can, but it would be really hard to do.  Most analysts are predicting a losing season, but it should be better than the 3-9 showing we had last year.  So if we end up making a Bowl Game this year, it will be that much sweeter!
  4. We get to enjoy an evening home game against Notre Dame this year.  Every year that MSU plays host to Notre Dame, they play at night and if you have ever been to one of these games, you know it's amazing!  An all day tailgate and a game under the lights against your second biggest rival?  Sign me up!
  5. We always have basketball season to look forward to!  Not many other schools can consistently say that.  Tom Izzo has never had a losing season at MSU and it's almost a guarantee that they will make it to the NCAA Tournament every year!

What do you think, fellow Spartan fans?  Are you unhappy?  I know that I am just the opposite!  I'm ready for some Spartan Saturdays!

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