Every four years, I find myself watching sports that I ordinarily don't care about, thanks to the Summer Olympics.  I'm talking about handball, archery, water polo, shooting, equestrian, kayaking, I could go on.

It always makes me wonder what other sports or events I'd like to see in the Olympics.  I made a list and narrowed it down to five activities that I believe should be in the Olympics.

In no particular order...


The Olympics already feature sports like judo, wrestling and boxing, but why not include MMA?  Every Olympian competes for his or her country, but in MMA they would literally be fighting for their country.  For that reason alone I believe we'd see some of the greatest fights in MMA history take place on an Olympic stage if it was included in the Games.


I was shocked to read this week that tug of war was an Olympic event from 1900 to 1920.  I had no idea.  I guess I always just associated it with gym class in elementary school and not an actual event to be contested in a supposedly legitimate athletic arena like the Olympics.  However, I am convinced that this event would draw great interest from television viewers around the world simply because the event is so pure and basic.  It's a battle of strength and will between two nations.  Being on the losing side of an Olympic tug of war match may be the most demoralizing defeat an athlete could ever experience, mainly because they'd be losing an event that includes the word "war" to another country.


You probably think I'm joking with this one but hear me out because I'm serious.  Pro wrestling is a performance-based form of athletic entertainment and is really not that different than gymnastics or diving, although it's much more fun to watch.  Here's my idea, countries would send two singles wrestlers and two tag teams to the games.  They would be responsible for putting on their own matches.  Judges would then rate their matches using a point system and the country who put on the highest rated match would win the gold.  The referee from that country would also win gold.  I've refereed a few pro wrestling matches in my day and trust me, refs play an important role in any good match.  This idea is also being developed by a friend of mine who plans on opening a company called Wrestle Dance Combat, where there will be no storylines or angles, just in-ring performing with judges rating matches.  It's basically for nerds who get boners watching high spots.


Why not put the best players from each country in a room and let them play until there is only one remaining?  Gambling for medals, it would be undeniable.


This would be the best.  Nation vs nation in games of capture the flag in the woods with paintball guns.  Another event that would suck to lose.  Who wants another country to capture their flag in front of the world?  This would be seriously awesome to watch.  It's like the excitement and thrill of a good old-fashioned gunfight without the death.

As you continue to watch badminton and field hockey, think about how Shaffee's Olympics would be better.