From Disturbed with "Sound of Silence", Bad Wolves covering "Zombie" and now Five Finger Deathpunch with "Blue on Black", this has been a big few years for rock covers. Well what happens when you cover a song that is already pretty metal and you take out the "metal" part? Well you are left with a song that's just pretty.

In the video below, a band of brothers who go by the YouTube channel name Melodicka Bros has some pretty interesting covers of popular rock songs from this to Slipknot. Between him strumming away in a field, the overly positive chord progression, this kinda has me really feeling summer 2 days in.

It might not be everyone's "style" but there is no doubt these guys have some talent (and great voices) With only 29,000 subscribers (yes that isn't that many for YouTube) it seems like this guys are still growing and improving. You can throw them a like so that when they blow up in a few years you can brag about how "you know them first."

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