Lots of cover songs are out there these days and you can almost find any kind of cover on the internet. They can range from rotten to ridiculous to ROCKING. In many ways, these songs might even be better than the original. This week on my dive into the internet rabbit hole of music, I found these cover songs that ROCK. I had to share with you my favorites. In any order here are my Top 3 Rock Covers That Will Rock Your Day!.


1. Korn - "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" - Charlie Daniels Band

Now this song is the one that prompted me to make this list. Korn out of the blue dropped this incredible cover song inspired by the passing of the late Charlie Daniels. The song features artist Yelawolf and all proceeds go to charity. You can listen/buy the song here on the band's Bandcamp

2. Coheed and Cambria + Mastodon + Primus + Tool + Mutoid Man - “Anthem”- RUSH

Two Minutes to Late Night is one of my favorite quarantine discoveries. I binged watched their Metal Themed Comedy Late-Night Youtube Show back in April. Every episode the incredible house band, Mutoid Man, performs a cover song with a musical guest. To compensate for not being able to record the show and tour they started a Patreon. They have been posting these covers all summer but this one went viral! It's Claudio Sanchez(Coheed and Cambria), Bill Kelliher(Mastodon), Les Claypool(Primus) Danny Carey(Tool), Steve Brodsky(Mutiod Man) and the show host Gwarsenial Hall covering a Rush song. Instead of taking money for this cover, all of the artists who participated will be donating their fees for this video to The Cancer Research Institute.

3. The Main Squeeze - "War Pigs" - Black Sabbath

I remember the first time I this band back at Founders a couple of years ago. I'm always leery of going to jam band shows but the Main Squeeze hooked me. Despite being a soulful jammy funk-rock band, they rock harder than most of the rock bands I've ever seen live. War Pigs is a great song and has been covered a million times because of it. Their cover version of this song sounds like a perfect evolution. It's amazing how talented every single one of them is. Not only do they show exceptional skill on their instrument, but they work incredibly well together. Plus who thought a keyboard solo in War Pigs could rock so hard!

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