Deputies in Pontiac, Michigan, found a 4-month-old baby face down in some woods located in Oakland County.

According to WOOD, the Oakland County Sherriff's Department were contacted about a woman in Orion Township that was ringing homes doorbells then hiding in the bushes. The woman claimed to be hiding from someone who had guns.

When deputies arrived at the scene the woman was no where to be found until some school employees reported a woman who was banging on the schools locked doors.

Can you imagine the people in their homes and the folks at the school when some lady is acting all crazy trying to get in saying someone is chasing her with a gun.  I know its in people's human nature to want to help but we live in a different world these days.

Deputies interviewed the woman and learned she had an infant with her somewhere along her journey that day and the child may be in a field or the woods. This news sent authorities immediately into action bringing in multiple deputies, a drone and a K-9 to search for the child.

After the deputies traced the woman's steps from her residents they now had a perimeter to complete their search and did discover the infant in a wooded area near a creek. Unfortunately the child was suffering from hypothermia but was alive.

The child's wet cloths were removed and then he was wrapped in blankets and taken to the hospital. The child is ok thank goodness but has been put into child protective services.

Quick thinking deputies made all the right decisions and the infant has been saved or this would have been a much sadder story.

Authorities are getting a warrant for the mom's arrest on suspected child abuse and believe drugs may be the deeper problem.

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