It's football fans' favorite time of year and after a long NFL season, it's finally time for the Super Bowl. Many folks are getting ready to gather with friends and family for the big game this Sunday, whether it's virtual or in-person, we're here to help with the entertainment.

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Prop bets are a great way to have some fun with your friends during your Super Bowl party and we scrounged through DraftKings Super Bowl prop bets to find the most hilarious ones. Be advised that these are for fun and if you have real trouble with gambling seek help here.

Length of National Anthem: Over/Under 95 seconds
Sports fans have sat through all sorts of ridiculous renditions of the National Anthem. Whether the singer is hamming it up or not really takes effect on this one. Grammy-Nominated Country singer Mickey Guyton is set to perform the "Star-Spangled Banner" this year.

Shortest TD Score: Over/Under 1.5 yards
Will a Quarterback Sneak work in the Super Bowl or is the defensive going to hold strong in the Red Zone? These are things you'll have to keep in mind while watching this year if you want to win. The Ice Bowl was won by Bart Starr with a dive through the defense and into the endzone.

Color of Gatorade Bath: Yellow or Orange/Other 
A playoff tradition like no other. The classic Gatorade bath knows no boundary, whether it's football, basketball, baseball, swimming, motocross, or any type of sport, the winner is getting soaked in Gatorade. What color will it be though?

Big Man Touchdown: OT or DT to score a TD: Yes/No

Truly the funniest thing you could bet on is if a Lineman will score or not. Because if a lineman has the ball for any reason other than hiking it, something has gone horribly wrong. If a lineman does score though it will be the highlight of a lifetime.

Which Big Ten Mascot Is The Dumbest?

It's almost a law that every college football team has to have a mascot that parades along the sideline craving attention from fans hopped up on tailgate alcohol. So which Big Ten mascot looks the dumbest? First of all, let me give props to the University of Michigan, the University of Illinois and Indiana University for not having a costumed mascot. They win first place just for not being that dumb to begin with.

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