Grand Rapids Public Schools will be moving to the four day in-person learning for kids K-8.

When I was a kid many years ago before there was any pandemic, I was always a fan of the three day weekend and I mentioned to the principle one time, "how about we go to school two hours longer each day and only go 4 days a week?" He laughed and said I like your way of thinking but that will never happen. Well, it has, just not in the way I was thinking as a kid.

According to WOOD, GRPS are moving from two days a week to four days a week for in-person learning on April 12. If you or your kids still feel uncomfortable in going to class, students will still be allowed to have virtual learning.

WOOD reported that the Kent County Health Department district spokesperson John Heimholdt said, "based on the latest data from CDC guidance on social distancing that switched from six foot to three feet in the classroom. There's been a strong push now at the federal level, but definitely at the state and now county level, saying we really need to put an emphasis on getting students back in school, in person."

GRPS are also increasing the number of students that will be in each classroom K-8. With the new social distancing rules more kids can fit in the classrooms.

Ventilation in some of the area schools has been a topic of concern for the Grand Rapids Education Association who represent teachers and other licensed staff in schools.

All the schools in the district will be doing whatever is necessary to make sure classrooms are safe and follow all health protocols provided by the state and the CDC.

Some teachers are expressing concerns about the number of kids in classrooms that are smaller than others.

The four day school week is something that district is looking at for high school students to move into later this school year.

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