The future is bright in Mecosta County, Michigan, as plans to build a new electric vehicle battery plant will bring in over 2300 good-paying jobs.

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Companies Bringing Jobs to Michigan Has a Nice Ring to it

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Michigan had a gold rush of job opportunities back when the state was becoming the automotive capital of the world. Since then, many jobs have moved to other states, other countries, or just gone away altogether.

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Ford is bringing an electric car battery plant to Marshall, another company is bringing one to Novi, and now the biggest business investment in the history of Mecosta County is happening with a third plant being built. These are great jobs and will catapult all the surrounding communities' other businesses while putting Michiganders back to work with good-paying jobs.

Big Rapids Area to Get a New Electric Vehicle Battery Plant

Once you get north of Grand Rapids, the further you travel there are fewer factories and job opportunities for residents. That is about to change in the Big Rapids area.

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Nearly $2.40 billion dollars is being invested into an electric vehicle battery plant that is coming to Green Charter Township near Big Rapids. A company by the name of Gotion will be breaking ground a new factory in July.

According to WZZM, over ten years this new electric vehicle factory will bring in about 2350 jobs not to mention all the construction work in the short term it will bring for area workers who build the factory.

There has been some resistance from some of the community members on this new factory being built but with an area that has nearly 20% unemployment they should be celebrating because their kids will benefit from this opportunity in the future.

The project has been approved by the county and when this factory gets closer to being completed residents better have their resumes ready.

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