If space is your thing then the moon has a lot to offer you in 2020.

According to MLive, 2020 brings an extra full moon but it won't be around until Halloween. The Halloween 2nd full moon is called the blue moon and that happens anytime there are two full moons in a month. The moon doesn't actually look blue, that is just how it was named.

This year we will also get three supermoons. According to Longway Planetariums Executive Director, Todd Slisher, he says the term supermoon is being used quite loosely now. He aslo said that most supermoons are only around five percent larger in appearance than a regular full moon.

Here is a list when the supermoons will happen: February 9, March 9 and April 7. April will be the most super of this years 3 supermoons. The moon that occurs in April will be the one closest to hear therefore making it look larger than a normal full moon.

Even though astrologists do not officially accept the term micro moon we will still have one. The micro moon is the direct opposite of a supermoon in that its when the moon is the furthest from Earth making is look smaller. We will get the micro moon at Halloween.

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