Normally in a bar fight, its the patrons that go to jail, but this time its police officers that go to jail.

According to WOOD, two Bath Township officers Bryan Miller, 34, and Payton Warner, 25 are in the Kent County jail after a bar fight that was caught on a security surveillance camera.

The two officers were in Grand Rapids for some training, but after the training ended, the pair went to the Web Bar for some drinks. After one officer was cut off, things got out of hand with a fight that started in the bar and ended up in the parking lot.

The video from inside the bar shows just how drunk Miller was to the point he could barely sit on a bar stool. Both Miller and Warner were then kicked out of the bar but when they returned, they allegedly began pushing and punching employees and patrons.

One patron by the name of Daniel Falicki was trying to hold down one of the officers when the other one kicked him in the face.

The fight was basically the two officers against the whole bar and had to be broken up by Grand Rapids police officers who then cuffed and stuffed Miller and Warner.

The Bath Township Police Department say they will be doing an internal investigation but in the meantime, the two officers have been put on administrative leave.

The two officers have been released but will be arraigned Thursday.

Click here to see video of the fight.

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