No one never said drug dealers were smart and they never said two people buying drugs were smart either. I guess that's why they call it dope.

Two wanna be drug dealers from Saginaw had the idea to go up to Alpena to trick some people into buying salt disguised as crystal meth and believe it or not, they actually found a buyer.

According to MLive, 22-year-old John Harvey Gaddy and 17-year-old Duran Louis Lowe are the ones that came up with the idea of selling salt as crystal meth. They didn't make the trip alone as Gaddy's girlfriend drove the pair up along with her 16-year-old cousin.

Not sure why they would attempt to pull off such a heist so far from home, but I guess it was anything to make a buck. In today's world of people carrying guns, the youngsters sure took a gamble, but one of them was carrying so I guess he thought the odds were in his favor.

Gaddy and Lowe sold the salt to a couple girls from Alpena for $400 but it didn't take the two girls very long to realize they purchased salt instead of meth. Gaddy and Lowe probably would have gotten away with the fake drug deal if they would have just left town immediately but that is exactly how the deal turned sour.

The two girls that were duped with salt instead of meth found Gaddy and Lowe in a local business parking lot and confronted the two about the shady deal.This is when an argument broke out and Lowe wound up taking the phone from one of the girls who bought the phony drugs. Then the dealers raced away from the scene.

The duped drug buyers followed the vehicle that Gaddy and Lowe were in and bumped the back of their vehicle and that is when Gaddy turned things up a notch, remember earlier when I mentioned guns? Yep, you guessed it, Gaddy got out of the car and pulled a gun on the two wanna be drug buyers.

The two girls backed off at that point and Gaddy and Lowe took off again but not before the girls had contacted the Alpena County Sherrif's Office and gave a description of the salt dealers' vehicle.

It didn't take long before long arm of the law was able to reach the salt dealers vehicle. By then, Gaddy had already tossed the gun but deputies managed to find the gun in the ditch.

The two boys were arrested. Gaddy was charged with felony assault with a dangerous weapon and larceny from a person while Lowe was charged with felony accessory after the fact.

Gaddy's bond is $75K and Lowe's bond was $25K and both are now residing in the Alpena County Jail.

No word on if the two passengers of the vehicle Gaddy and Lowe were in were charged with anything nor the two girls who purchased the salt. Odds are the latter two will probably see a charged for attempting to buy drugs.

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