See Mackinac Island in technicolor in this 1944 MGM film about Michigan's treasure.

While the allied troops were crossing the English Channel in 1944, a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film crew was steaming North on Lake Michigan, making the 20 hour trip from Chicago to Mackinac Island. Even if you have made the trip up I-75 and across the ferry, you'll flip your lid over this swell 10 minute short.

The film crew certainly enjoyed the experience and the novelty of an entire island free of modern conventions like jalopies.

We hope traffic on Mackinac Island will continue to be as it is now, for it is a relief to move back into the past occasionally- far from the madding crowd and relax in the semblance of yesterday.

You will enjoy the sights and the sounds of "Bicycle Built for Two" and "Lilac Time on Mackinac Island" as you learn the history of French fur traders, Jesuit missionaries and lilacs on Mackinac Island. Press "play" and take a trip back to 1944 on Mackinac Island.

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