New audio reveals the Trump campaign asked Michigan GOP Co-Chair Meshawn Maddock to fake the 2020 election results.

Any attempt at faking an election is very troubling, especially when the people involved are current elected officials.

According to FOX 17, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel wants the federal government to prosecute everyone involved in trying to make Donald Trump the winner in the presidential election in Michigan and 6 other states.

It is simply gut-wrenching to hear that there is audio of the Trump campaign encouraging Michigan Republican Party Co-Chair Maddock to give him Michigan's electoral votes.

Maddock along with 16 others actually posed as official electors and attempted to enter the State Capitol to certify the election for Trump. Fortunately, the Michigan State Police did not let them in. This is flat-out nuts and something you or I would go to prison for if we attempted something this treasonous.

Maddock and the other 16 republicans involved in this scheme went as far to sign documents and sent them to Washington in their attempt to sway the certification of President Biden.

FOX 17 reported, "We fought to seat the electors. Um, the Trump campaign asked us to do that. Under a lot of scrutiny for that today," Maddock said.

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Nessel can only prosecute those in Michigan and is leaving the other states to be handled by the feds. Nessel plans to charge those involved with forgery and fraud.

FOX 17 reported the Michigan Republican Party said, "Dana Nessel is playing political games with people's lives and livelihoods for the sake of scoring political points ahead of an election."

There will be a lot more to come from this new development.

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