Very shocking to learn that 1/3 of all freshwater fish in Michigan and around the globe are facing extinction.

Now I'm an avid fisherman, not that I catch a lot, since moving here a couple years ago, I am still trying to locate good spots to fish regular. I have had some luck with some species and not so much with others.

They may be a reason for the decline in certain fish species because according to WOOD, a big chunk of the freshwater fish population is vanishing at an alarming rate with 16 species disappearing in 2020 alone. Not to be confused with Michigan, the 16 species is a global number but Michigan is having its problems also.

Already in the Great Lakes there has been a massive decline in sturgeon, lake trout, cisco and the salmon numbers have never been lower, and keep declining. Zebra mussels play a big part in these declining numbers.

Scientists often say that if you have a lot of fish and they are doing well, then things for the most part ecologically are usually doing fine. When fish numbers are down and declining, this is always an indicator of things in our system are not going well.

Having problems with declining numbers of fish also indicates the declining conditions of our clean water and that can and will have a direct impact on humans. It is very important to keep our rivers, lakes and Great Lakes clean and in tip top shape because has humans, we need clean water and if we want to enjoy fishing and other outdoor activities, those same water system need to be clean.

There are a lot of factors that have been causing fish species to disappear like invasive species, chemicals from farming and other industries, overfishing, construction of dams. All these things are taking a toll on our ecosystem and if we don't act now, thins will only worsen.

Artic grayling have already been wiped out and if something doesn't change soon Salmon will be next.

There is an attempt going on right now to bring back artic grayling in Michigan but we are years away from seeing if there is a positive result in these new efforts.

I really hope scientists can find a way to battle the zebra mussels without damaging other fish in the process or fishing and clean water in Michigan may become a thing of the past. Without clean water, humans are next.

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