A new event is set to take place in downtown Grand Rapids on Thursday with the goal of bringing together Dads from across West Michigan.

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The event, put on by 100% Dad blogger Townsend Russell is set for Stella's bar in downtown Grand Rapids from 8-10 pm Thursday night.

Russell travels with his family across the nation and Grand Rapids is only the second meet-up for the blogger after Covid-19 scrapped much of his 2020 plans.

Russell tells us that the event is casual, and while he's not necessarily expecting a huge crowd, he thinks he'll have the opportunity for some one-on-one time with other dads:

This is a pretty casual event for s few dads to socialize. Our original intention for the tour was live events for Dads to hear encouragement and gain some knowledge regarding fatherhood. Covid killed that plan. This is our second social. Local dads meeting and hanging out. I'm not expecting a huge turnout. Just a handful and have some one-on-one conversations with them.

The Facebook event page describes the event as such:

Hang out and discuss dad stuff while enjoying some food, drink, and arcade games. I travel the country putting out dad content. I am in Grand Rapids for a few days and want to meet some local dads! Free to show up. Drinks and food are up to you. Same with the games. Hope to see you there!

About the 100% Dad Tour: The purpose of this tour will be the promotion of 100% DAD and continuing to push out the core messages 100% DAD stands for. We will document our family travels and experiences from a dad’s perspective and we will have a much greater amount of outside perspective by connecting with dads all over the country. We look forward to the new experiences, people we will meet &, things we will learn. If you’re close to us at any time reach out and connect with us!

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