Extravagant masks, outfits and makeup are an innate part of popular music.

For instance, there are the top hats and eyeball heads of The Residents, the Michael Myers-esque disguise of Buckethead and the intergalactic face paint of KISS. Likewise, there are the complex costumes of Slipknot, GWAR, In This Moment, Mushroomhead and Lordi, to name a few.

Of course, each of these artists is widely recognized by fans of rock and metal. What about the numerous lesser-known (and relatively recent) acts who also get dressed up to deliver amazing music?

Enter the 10 bands on this list, all of whom deserve more attention and success for matching their kickass tunes with kickass outfits.

How many have you heard of before?

New Masked Bands

New masked bands you should uncover.

Every Slipknot Song Ranked

Push your fingers into your eyes.

*Last updated July 29, 2022. We still need time with the rest of the new album!

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