Zakk Wylde may not be touring with Ozzy Osbourne this spring, but the time off has presented an opportunity for the guitarist. He tells Billboard that Black Label Society will begin writing for their next album in April.

“I’m going to do some writing, I guess, in April, and [in] May and June, we’ll [record] and have that one ready to roll,” says Wylde of his plans to follow 2018's Grimmest Hits. “I don’t demo or stockpile shit. Never have. I’m not like Prince, where he’s recording stuff all the time. I just like to come up with a riff or an idea and be like, ‘Why don’t we track that one today?’ It’s like the beginning of a new season. It’s always fun.”

Wylde says that Black Label Society will also likely be playing some dates in Europe later this year as well.

The ever-busy Wylde also revealed that his Black Sabbath covers band, Zakk Sabbath, will be putting out a track-for-track rendition of Sabbath's self-titled 1970 debut later this year in a package that will also feature recent European tour footage.

As far as his gig as Osbourne's touring guitarist, Zakk says, “As far as with the boss, Ozzy’s taking his vitamins and hitting the iron, and just healing up and getting ready. And when he’s ready, we’ll roll.” Osbourne just released his new Ordinary Man album, but plans to tour North America had to be shelved as he continues recovery from last year's health issues.

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