After years of fan campaigning, Zack Snyder’s Justice League will finally be seen by the world. After multiple reshoots and countless hours of re-editing, the movie will be released in four parts on HBO Max in March of 2021. The momentum from getting the Snyder Cut made has transferred over to Suicide Squad, whose director is interested in a re-release as well.

Rumors of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad have swirled around the Internet for some time now, and the fan movement has gained a key supporter — Snyder himself. In a recent interview with John Doe Movie Reviews, Snyder shared that he was in support of seeing the Ayer Cut come to fruition.

“I haven't talked to David about it, but I’m sure I will. I know him quite well. I’ve just been swamped, you know, because of Covid, but it’s on my list of things to talk to him about,” said Snyder. “Like, I support any filmmaker who needs to get their version of their movie or their vision sort of seen, because I’ve had, you know, such generous support. So, I really would hope that other people would get that same thing.”

Over the course of the year, Ayer has become more vocal about the changes he would like to see in his cut of Suicide Squad. And there are a lot of them. Namely, he would ground the story by making the Joker the main villain. In a Twitter post earlier this spring, Ayer stated that his version of Suicide Squad was “complex, beautiful, and sad,” but that it was “beaten into a ‘comedy.’”

Here’s hoping that Snyder can help push the Ayer Cut in the right direction. If Zack Snyder’s Justice League proves to be popular on HBO Max, it could also cause Warner Bros. to reconsider giving Ayer a chance to make things right with Suicide Squad.

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