Even in the face of a lingering global pandemic, Netflix manages to churn out a ton of movies. With entries in nearly every genre — comedy, drama, horror, musical, and sci-fi, for starters — there really is something for everyone. But then there are some movies that aren’t really for anyone. Why is that? Because they’re not very good.

Netflix hit some outstanding high notes with ambitious projects such asThe Harder They Fall, tick, tick… Boom!, and The Power of the Dog, but there were also quite a few movies that missed their marks entirely. Chalk it up to a confusing story, unrealistic dialogue, or bizarre plot devices, but these films just don’t live up to what Netflix is capable of. With hundreds of titles to choose from on the platform, we know you don’t have time to watch everything. That’s why we’ve decided to make your selection process a little easier. These are movies we recommend you skip — unless, of course, you’re looking for a movie to hate-watch with your friends. In that case, watch away.

It goes without saying, but everyone has different tastes when it comes to movies. There were plenty of people who enjoyed the following films — quite a few even racked up impressive viewing numbers upon their release. But when examined with a critical eye, we found that these movies have some pretty noticeable flaws, even if they managed to catch some mainstream attention.

Keep reading to learn which movies made our list of worst Netflix movies of 2021.

The Worst Netflix Movies of 2021

These Netflix-produced movies completely missed the mark.
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