It’s been five years since Workaholics ended on Comedy Central. And it was supposed to be just five more weeks until the crew from the popular sitcom would reunite to make a movie for Paramount+. The project was first announced almost two years ago, in February 2021. The series’ original creators and stars, Blake Anderson, Adam Devine, Anders Holm and Kyle Newacheck, were all supposed to work on the film.

But just over a month before the film was set to begin production, it has been canceled. Adam Devine announced the news himself on his Instagram account, writing

Welp, Paramount+ decided to cancel the Wokaholics movie. Obviously, this news is the loosest butthole. We were supposed to begin filming in 5 weeks! P+ told us don’t fit their new “global” strategy...We are deeply butt hurt about this decision because we were so excited to bring the weird one last time. I’m butt hurt that I dont get to work with my best friends again. I’m butt hurt for the fans, and I’m butt hurt for our loyal crew, and other cast members who are now going to have to scramble to find new jobs.

You can see his full post below:

DeVine did add that they are “out to other streamers, and hopefully we will get to make this insanely fun movie somewhere else.”

Workaholics lasted for seven seasons on Comedy Central, and produced a total of 96 episodes about a group of old college pals who live in California and work together as telemarketers. While the new movie was canceled, all seven seasons of the show are currently streaming on Paramount+. But that’s all, at least for now.

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