Woodland Mall announced a few new additions to the mall today, the most notable is the restaurant that wants you to do the cooking.

Let’s start with the restaurant because that’s what I care about, and as their press release says, they’re bringing “new and unique” to the mall.  So they announced Black Rock Bar and Grill will be opening in October of 2019 at Woodland Mall.

Why is this cool or unique?  Well, it’s billed as an “experiential dining” option, because the whole experience is… well... an experience.  I should have thesaurus’d that first.  But at Black Rock Bar and Grill, guests will cook their seafood or meat (yes I snickered like I was 12) on hot volcanic granite directly at their tables.

How cool is that!  (If you just thought of how much work that would be, well, I was there at first too, but then the ‘frosted side’ of me says, “c’mon stick in the mud!”) Like I said, it opens fall of 2019, so you have time to get over your fear of cooking meat on volcano rocks.

The press release also said Urban Outfitters and Altr’d State would also be moving into the former Sears location along with REI and Von Maur which were announced earlier this summer.

Altr’d State, a women’s fashion store is slated to open this October, with REI opening in May 2019 and the last two stores, Von Maur and Urban Outfitters, opening October 2019.

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