As everyone complains about having to wear a mask and we constantly see videos of people demanding that they don't have to; when do people who want you to stay 6 feet away from them get what they want? Do I have to start flipping out on people?  Can I turn around and say back the BLEEP up? (I was told that me doing that would be considered rude and I shouldn't, but for real!)

As I was standing in line at the City Clerk's office downtown Grand Rapids, I couldn't seem to shake three people from being RIGHT on my back as we moved through the line, even as city workers and red circles on the floor directed everyone to social distance.  The people who were also right up on me weren't wearing their mask correctly and kept loudly claiming that the face-covering rule is ridiculous. Let me say clearly, it's your call whether you wear a mask or not.  I personally believe the non-political, science-based people who are saying that a face covering is 70% effective in stopping the spread of the virus.  I also hate getting colds or the flu on top of not wanting COVID-19, so I'm glad wearing a mask is getting normalized for those who want to not get sick or spread their sickness.

So with the mask issue out of the way, what's so hard with you staying 6 feet away from me? Why do we have to be as close as cattle all the time?  Why do you still think it's OK to have 7 people on an elevator that has three dots on the floor for us to stand? That obviously means only 3 people should be on there at once.

It's also not like you were going to get somewhere faster by being uncomfortably close to someone else, especially in a line, when it's determined by who got there first. I get it if we're trying to board a Southwest flight, but once you're in the queue, you're getting on in the order you're lined up, even if you are a few feet behind the person in front of you.

I guess my point, which I doubt will be read by people who like to be sardined against others is please step back. The facemask issue has shown that respect is dwindling, just by how people react on both sides of the situation, but seriously, the social distancing shouldn't be that hard. Isn't that why as a society in America we move to the suburbs and all own our own cars, so we can spread out?  Keep doing that, especially if I'm in front of you in line, cause if I'm behind you, I promise I'll be six feet away.



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