I’m very intrigued by something, something rather simple.

The other day in the Facebook group FoodieGR, someone posted an update about Las Rocas Postres in Grand Rapids now serving real fruit smoothies.

From the Facebook post,

Oh my Yummyness! Las Rocas Postres in Grand Rapids added these 100% natural juices to their menu — they are all so good, but my favorite one was their strawberry, peach and banana. 😋

They also added that you can buy food at Las Rocas Postres as well,

They also sell Mexican snacks such as tacos, flautas, seafood and other Mexican dishes.

Las Rocas is located on 2106 Division Ave S, Grand Rapids, MI.

No drama in the post, but also, no amazing deal of the day either. I mean, it's good to know they have the smoothies, but what throws me off is that the post has been shared over 297 times.

Am I missing something here? Has Grand Rapids really just been longing for delicious real fruit smoothies? Is there something else about this that I’m missing?

One of my coworkers immediately chimed in with, “Mmm that place is so yummy”, which the pictures of all the food and comments on their Facebook page would back that up too. But really, just an announcement of their new smoothies is this exciting? What am I missing?? I must be missing something because of how so many people have shared the original post, right?

I promise this isn't an ad. Just me being curious.

I guess, in the interest of journalistic integrity, which I claim very little of, I need to make a trip over to Las Rocas soon and find out what makes their real fruit smoothie so share-worthy.

*Full disclosure, I'm really just jealous that I can't get anything I post on my social media accounts to do this well. Note to self: pose with more smoothies.



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