With Ben Affleck out as the caped crusader, who's gonna play Batman in the next movie?

Well, actor Joey Lawrence wants the gig, that's for sure.

Cinema Blend is reporting that there's a petition going to get the former Blossom star into the role.

And if you worried that Joey is too old or past his prime, don't. According to the description of the petition, he's in the best shape of his life:

Joey Lawrence is not only an extremely talented actor and has a wider acting range than most people are aware of, but the guy is a beast. He is laser focused and super committed. If he gets this part I can guarantee you won't be disappointed. The other great thing about Joey Lawrence that people may not realize is that he is in better physical shape (and more agile) than guys 15 years younger than him. So their excuse of wanting to go with a younger actor is stupid. Joey is more than capable. He could crush the competition. Joey Lawrence will make an amazing Batman!!"

In a new post to Instagram, Joey is urging fans to sign the petition.

In previous posts he shared that playing Batman was his "lifelong dream" and urged DC and Warner Bros. to "take a chance" and "think outside the box".

Joey also starred on ABC Family's Melissa and Joey and recently competed on Season 2 of Celebrity Big Brother on CBS.

The Batman is expected to open in theaters June 25, 2021

Who do you YOU think should be the next Batman?

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