Would any of you guys marry a cross eyed chick with a big fat hairy face? Yea probably not…but one guy did…..and now he wants the hell out!

There is an Arab Ambassador who is back on the market and single again after finding out his bride had massive facial hair and was cross eyed…..I guess this was one of those arranged marriages …..and the guy said he had only met the chick a couple of times prior, and each time she had  her big fat hairy cross eyed face fully covered…..he says the chicks mom, sent him pictures of her sister….who wasn’t hairy and cross eyed, to trick him……..and after they got married…and the priest or whoever said…..”I now pronounce you man and wife…you may now lift the brides vial  and kiss her….he did, and saw her big fat hairy cross eyed face….and then barfed all over the room and then passed out!  The guys now suing to have the marriage dissolved ….and to get the $140 thousand dollars he spend on the wedding back……….man, talk about bait and switch huh?