Time once again to step back in the 'way-back' machine and remember the Sveden House.

Okay, most of us pronounced it Sweden House, but 'Sveden House' it is.

One of my favorite websites, GR Retro, had a great memory for all of us, the Sweden...er...Sveden House (they found this awesome postcard listed by gwcollectables1946 on Ebay). It was the smorgasbord restaurant where you could find all sorts of delicious food, buffet style, and feed the whole family on a dime, so to speak.

Sure there are the Golden Corrals now, the Oriental Buffets, and others out there, but there was nothing like the homey atmosphere of the Sveden House.

There were at least two locations as I remember, one on 28th Street SW, and another on Plainfield. Am I right on that?

Alas, restaurants like this faded away, or maybe didn't keep up with the times and lost out to competition. At any rate, all the Sveden House restaurants have closed as best as can be determined. We did lose the owner of Sveden House chain, Keith Maxwell. He passed away in 2011 at age 88.

RIP Sveden House.

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