As of Tuesday, June 22nd, the State of Michigan is considered 'open' as nearly all Covid-19 mitigation orders have been rescinded, but a few remain according to the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services.

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While the bulk of the orders, including mask requirements and gathering limits, are being lifted today, the MDHHS is reminding folks in vulnerable industries and locations.

Some of the remaining orders include school reporting requirements, nursing home testing requirements, and requirements for medical facilities to continue reporting to the MDHHS.

The orders that remain affect the following locations:

  • Prisons: Staff members must be tested during any reported outbreaks in the prison or correctional facility.
  • Medical Facilities: These facilities must continue furnishing Covid-19 data to the MDHHS.
  • Schools: Schools must still report probable and confirmed Covid cases to health departments.
  • Farms: Mandatory testing, preventative measures, and safe housing for agricultural workers remain in place.
  • Nursing Homes: Nursing homes and long-term care facilities must continue infection control measures, testing, and visiting restrictions.
  • Funeral Homes: Funeral directors must contact a health professional if they believe someone has died as a result of Covid 19.

Michigan's standing order for Covid testing will also remain in place. This order allows for Covid testing to be administered by individuals who would otherwise not have that ability.

Although the mask requirements and gathering limits have been lifted, private businesses are still allowed to enforce their own mitigation policies. So you may find some businesses still operating at less than 100% capacity or still requiring masks.

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