Yesterday afternoon where all the crazy happens, in Miami, Florida, a 65 year old homeless man named Ronald Poppo was eaten alive today by a 31 year old "Zombie" named Rudy Eugene. Yes... this really happened. At about 2:30 EST on Tuesday Afternoon, Mr. Poppo was walking along a causeway in Miami when he was approached by Rudy Eugene in a crazed and apparent drugged state.

I will do my best to keep this news from getting too graphic, but it is almost impossible. Rudy Eugene decided to make a meal of the Mr. Poppo's face for about 18 minutes, before he was shot dead by a local Miami-Dade police officer. When approached by the officer, Mr. Eugene was asked to stop. He looked up with flesh in his mouth and growled at the officer. The officer had no choice but to put the man down. Wow!

I thought this stuff only happened in the movies, but it has happened in real life in Miami. Mr. Poppo is recovering from catastrophic injuries at a local Miami hospital and police are still investigating the crime, but some reports state that Eugene may have been under the influence of LSD or "bath salts" when he attacked his victim. I think you get the picture, but if you do not, I'm sure the Internet will provide you with those in due time.

[Source: Time]

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