This weekend is the big Rock on The Range music festival in Columbus, Ohio.  

It's be three days of rock, over 60 bands, food, weird stuff ... and maybe some rain. 

If you have tickets, this will be an amazing weekend of fun for you!

So, what should you take down there for the weekend?

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    Sun Block

    Yes, I did mention rain in the forecast.  But you should also take sun block.  Why?  Because you'll be outside for like, 10 hours, and the sun.  Yes, the sun can still burn you on cloudy days.  I don't make the rules.

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    Foldable Rain Coat

    Because rain.  I said earlier.  They sell these things pretty cheap now, and they're small enough to put in a pocket and carry around until you need them.  And ladies, if it rains, you won't be showing all your bits to everyone at the...hold on, wait a sec...never mind.  Forget I said anything about rain coats.

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    I'm not much of a hat-wearer, but when I know I'm going to be outside for long stretches, I've trained myself that bald + sun = misery for weeks.  And a peeling scalp looks freaking gross.  So, even if you're not bald, wear a hat to protect your bits.

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    A Girl

    Guys, this one is for you.  Bring a girl with you.  Even if she's that girl you're pissed off at for sticking you in the "friend zone".  You will need her with you because she will have a big purse to stash all your munchies.  Sometimes they search them, sometimes they don't, and if you can score some 75 cent candy bars or chips at a store instead of $12 for a small hotdog at a festival, you win!  Besides, it's always nice to have a girl around, right?  Unfortunately, I'm hitting Rock on the Range with Ned.  He won't carry a purse...he doesn't have one that matches his Mushroomhead shirts.

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    Comfortable Shoes

    Guys, this one isn't for you. is TOTALLY for you.  Those six-inch stilletto heels look amazing on you, and do make your ass pop like nothing else.  But about an hour in to the 10 hours of concert standing and walking, you will be complaining so much, your guy will begin to hate you.  Although watching you walk through a mud field would be entertaining for those of us not attached to you, your guy will be planning some revenge sex for later.