There are some people with curiosity that's a bit out of control. These are the kind of people you see listed as competing for this year's Darwin Awards. They are also the kind of people who make fantastic things reality. It's a very narrow line between stupid and genius.

There are some crazy Russian guys with YouTube channels who are doing some really cool, and really crazy stuff. Like Kreosan, and Crazy Russian Hacker. Crazy Russian Hacker is funny, first because his English is funny, and he does some weird stuff. I am just going through Kreosan's videos, and he's got a lot of crazy stuff up, check him out.

This video shows Kreosan filling a bottle of Coke with Propane gas. What does it do to the soda? Probably makes it undrinkable. Okay, DEFINITELY makes it undrinkable, once you see what happens when you tip the bottle over!

It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.