Monday, December 13, 2010

Hour 1

Zane told us this morning that he is in the midst of a race rivalry with a 15 yr old boy. They'll both be running the half marathon at Disney World next month and the trash talk has been going on since last year's race. We talked about a robbery story this morning that went completely wrong. The dumbest women in the world robbed a bank and when the found the GPS unit that was stashed in the bag of cash, they were clueless on how to get rid of it. The cops showed up pretty quickly.

Hour 2

We had a station event in Flint with Banana 101.5 over the weekend. On the way home, Free Beer was pulled over for speeding and got a ticket. Zane, following close behind, decided to call and taunt as he sped past a pulled-over Free Beer. A guy named Justin Sadler estimates that he will make $500,000 this year by wearing t-shirts on the internet. Companies contact him and then pay him to wear their company's logo in pictures and videos that he posts each day. Check out the Cool Links section for a link to the story we talked about this morning of the pimp's business plan. This pimp actually had everything lined up pretty well!

Hour 3

We played the audio woman called 911 when she found a squirrel in her toilet. This became the perfect opportunity to roll out "old denim-loving woman voice", which we love to use so much. We finally updated the pictures on the website. We got a ton of emails about them this weekend, mostly pointing out how Free Beer looks 100% stoned in all of the pictures. We all agreed. Kate Gosselin made an appearance on Sarah Palin's Alaska recently. All she did was bitch and complain the whole time about how cold it was when they went camping and actually broke down and cried, as if she was ever in any real danger. Check out the Cool Links section for a list we went over this morning of the top ten quotes from 2010. You may have forgotten how ridiculous some of them were!

Hour 4

We got a bunch of fussy emails over the weekend. Some were about the new website photos. One took a major shot at Zane's appearance and the wart on his nose. We also got a new hate email of the day that was fantastic. On the way home from Flint on Saturday night, Steve fell asleep in the back seat of Free Beer's car and started mumbling in his sleep. It was quickly decided that he was having dreams about sexual relations with black men. In the FBHW Report, we checked out the video of Miley Cyrus taking a rip from a bong, and also the video of CNN somehow playing the diarrhea scene from Dumb and Dumber.

Hour 5

A guy in Louisiana claimed that he caught an "alien-looking thing" on his hunting camera. An idiot news team reported on it and was convinced that it was 100% real when it was obviously fake. Yesterday, Producer Joe attended church with his little brother from the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program. His description of "soul church" was incredible and is worth the price of being a VIP member just so you can subscribe to the podcast and hear it. We closed the show by going through some emails and taking phone calls with suggestions on how Free Beer can get out of the speeding ticket that he got over the weekend on the way back from our visit to Banana 101.5 in Flint. Talk to you on Tuesday!