Apparently, if you cleaned your plate at Mr. Fables back in the day, you got a token to the Fun Machine.

I'm sorry I missed out on this treat, because your boy could clean his plate off back in the day. (Some might say I was a "husky" kid)

You could also just put a nickel in and get a prize if you didn't want to eat all of your delicious onion rings. But why would leave onion rings on the table? Are you nuts?

A quick ask of some of my co-workers and reading some of the comments revealed that the machine pumped out small plastic toys, which enthralled them until they turned about 9 or 10, and then they felt, in the words of one commenter, "gypped".

So what did YOU get from the FUN MACHINE? A mini football helmet? A rubber ball? Or "gypped"?

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