No stranger to controversy, the Westboro Baptist Church will picket an upcoming Taking Back Sunday show. The group are targeting the TBS concert at The Showbox in Seattle on June 18.

According to Alternative Press, WBC explains why they have Taking Back Sunday in their cross-hairs in the following message posted on their website:

"WBC will picket Taking Back Sunday at The Showbox Concert with a message for those in attendance, to wit: God Hates Fags, and God Hates Fag-Enablers; ergo, God Hates america and america is Doomed!  This nation is awash in filthy sin and idolatry, including your pop stars like Taking Back Sunday who have the ear of millions and refuse to use that platform God gave them to teach obedience to God's standards.  If they opened their mouths to warn you that your sins are taking you to hell, their concerts would be empty, as would their pockets and bank accounts.  They will give an account to God for their failure to do their duty."

That is some heavy stuff. AP reached out to Taking Back Sunday for a response but the band declined to comment. TBS are set to release their upcoming self-titled album June 28, which will be the first in 9 years with the Tell All Your Friends lineup. You can stream a new song from the band called "This Is All Now".

GRD presents Taking Back Sunday, with special guests Thursday and Colour Revolt, July 28 to the Orbit Room. Tickets are available at the Orbit Room box office and online by clicking HERE.

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