A convoy of Michigan farmers will be doing some good work next week by sending needed supplies to farms that were flooded in Nebraska.

According to WOOD, Plainwells Jeff Gouker organized what he calls the West Michigan relief effort.

The convoy's first stop will be eastern Nebraska's Freemont. Gouker said, "We have a guy over there that lost over 700 hogs. He's got a 120 plus cow/calve operation, he's moved his cattle three times, he's told me.

Friday, Gouker had his Hi-Lo driver load 600 4 inch cedar fence posts on a trailer that will head out in the convoy.

The Missouri River has farms under the water all along its banks and fencing is the one thing farmers need most.

Gouker said, "I'm talking thousand of miles of fencing they're going to be putting up out there. Some guys were telling us they had 6 foot waves, a wall of water, just coming at them with 2 foot chunks of ice in it. It just leveled everything on its path."

Farmers definitely stick together in time of need because when the West Michigan farmers heard about the farmers in Nebraska and their situation, Gouker and others jumped in with supplies and nearly $20,000 to help in the effort.

This isn't the first time these West Michigan farmers have lent a hand, back in 2017 these guys reached out to help farmers from the wildfires that hit the Great Plains.

Goucker said, "We've got probably 17 different ranchers that we're going out to try to help right now, and picking up more as we go."

Hopkins Elementary School also jumped into help by putting together Easter baskets for the kids of Nebraska farmers who were affected by the flooding.

If you would like to help, the group has a Facebook page where you can learn how.


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