Chipotle announced on Friday that they have been the victim of a malware attack.

WZZM is reporting that the restaurant chain has new information regarding a breach that happened in March and April where hackers were able to obtain credit card information including numbers, names, expiration dates and security codes.

According to the story, it happened between March 24th and April 18th. Company officials say they have removed the malware, but not before almost all of their 2,249 were affected by the hacking; that could include the location on 28th street in Grand Rapids.

Chris Arnold, a Chipotle spokesperson told WZZM:

"Because of the nature of the incident and the data involved, we lack sufficient information to determine how many unique payment cards may have been involved.”

Chipotle says they are working to upgrade security in all of their locations.

As always, check your accounts and report any suspicious activity to your bank.  You can also reach out to Chipotle if you have any questions regarding the breach, their number is 888-738-0534 or you can go to their website,

source: WZZM13

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