UPDATE:  Camp Bow Wow corporate office based out of Colorado sent out the following statement Tuesday afternoon:

Camp Bow Wow has a zero tolerance policy for the behavior that was exhibited at Camp Bow Wow Kentwood. We are shocked and appalled. This situation is being taken very seriously and upon learning of the incident at Camp Bow Wow Kentwood, we at Camp Bow Wow’s Corporate Headquarters immediately began an investigation. The Franchise Owner has been removed from the Camp Bow Wow system and a Corporate Team has taken over operations.The health, safety and wellbeing of all pets is of the utmost importance to Camp Bow Wow.


Last night a Facebook post went viral of the owner of Camp Bow Wow, a Dog Camp in Kentwood, appearing to be kicking a dog. Kara recorded the video from the camp's webcam, which you can view while you have a dog in their care.

After reaching out to the owner of the camp, Kara received a response from the owner that "its not what it looks like, and I’m being extra emotional because I’m pregnant."

Camp Bow Wow is part of a national chain of dog camps and has yet to respond to the allegations. The Camp Bow Wow Kentwood Facebook page was bombarded by one-star reviews (the reviews section of their Facebook page has since been removed) and all of their posts are getting tons of comments about the alleged abuse. The owner, David, has yet to issue a response.

What do you think? Was Kara overreacting about her dog being allegedly kicked? Did he even kick her dog? Or is this just all a big misunderstanding? Let us know in the comments!

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